Vinh Hao beach in Phan Thiet

In order to regenerate energy after a week of work, and get rid of crowded, noisy city, you can carry backpack to Vinh Hao, Binh Thuan on two days of weekend.


Vinh Hao beach belongs to Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. To get here, if traveling by motorbike or private car, from Ho Chi Minh City, you follow national way no.1 to Lien Huong crossroad (Tuy Phong), turn right and go straight.
The road North from Phan Thiet to VINH HAO and CA NA leads past Whiskey Mountain, a solitary peak that once supported a small American military outpost and helicopter pad. Plantations of enormous green dragon cactus line Highway 1, with long white flowers and florescent pink fruit the size of ostrich eggs, decorating their octopus-like arms. Soon the dragons and rice pattie gives way to the Binh Thuan Desert where vast dunes sweep across the parched countryside. The area is prone to drought and sand storms during dry season. Passing through the town of Cho Lau and the quaint fishing port of Phan Ri Cua, you may notice ethnic Cham residents wearing traditional clothing. The men wear long white robes and turbans with red accents. As you venture closer to Phan Rang, you will travel deeper into the heart of the Champa kingdom and see ancient red temples on the hillsides.

Night camping and welcoming sunrise in Vinh Hao beach via


You can also buy Ho Chi Minh City – Tuy Phong bus tickets then take xe om (motorbike taxi) from the bus station to Vinh Hao beach. Ticket price from 100,000-120,000 VND per person one way. Travel time is about 4-5 hours.
Travelling in Binh Thuan, to Vinh Hao, you can rent motel, homestay or resort. We chose to set up tents on the sand beach close to nature and feel the breath of the sea.
The night was quiet. We erected tents and made tea pots to drink tea and watch the moon. After a long sleep, we wake up in the fresh air, gentle morning sun, bring energy source full of vitality. Each bright light shows up on the horizon.
Waking up early to watch the sunrise and inhale the fresh air, feeling the wind with the salty taste of the sea is something that any visitors to the sea do not want to miss.

Night camping and welcoming sunrise in Vinh Hao beach via

Dawn everywhere always bring a lot of emotions. The sea surface is like a pink dress. The Vinh Hao beach gradually reveals the wild beauty under the early sun rays.

If you do not like the experience of feeling on motorbikes, private cars or passenger cars…, you can buy train tickets, down at Ca Na station. The price of hostel near the sea is from 200,000 to 1 millionVND per room per night.
In addition to Vinh Hao Beach, the tourist destinations you can visit nearby are Co Thach, Ganh Son, Ca Na Beach … The dishes you should try are fried fish rolls, seafood pancakes, Can cake, rice paper cake with Ruoc sauce….
The estimated cost for a two day voyage at Vinh Hao beach is about 800,000 VND per person. If you want to take a boat to Cau Xe Island, the cost will be about 300,000 dong more.
Things to buy as gift: Grapes, seafood.

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