Muong Luong – An attraction in Lao Cai


Located at the foot of Khau A Mountain, Muong Luong is highly recommended as a destination for tourists to the nation’s northwestern upland.


Muong Luong, around 30km northeast of downtown Lao Cai, is a valley which is surrounded by mountains and home to Tay ethnic minority group. 

Its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere are what might captivate those coming there for the first time.

Visitors can taste local dishes and take a close look at some of nearly 100 traditional homes on stilts by Nam Luong stream, which create a poetic landscape. These houses were built 60-70 years ago.

Muong Luong – an exotic destination in northwestern Vietnam via

Attractions of Muong Luong

Upon arrival at the site, tourists can indulge themselves in a tranquil place with cool climate and fresh air. They can also learn more about local culture as Tay ethnic people have preserved their traditions and folk culture well.    

Muong Luong is attractive to tourists thanks to its unique cuisine. Some of the dishes which visitors should eat are ga xao kieu (chicken fried with pickles), canh la chua (sour soup), and ca suoi nuong (grilled spring fish). All year round, travelers can take a leisure walk on pathways to explore the daily activities of villagers. 

Tay people are friendly and hospitable, so visitors can drop by a house on stilts to have a look. Tay ethnic people are ready to perform folk dances to entertain guests.

The majority of the Tay practices Then, an indigenous religion involving the worship of tutelary gods, gods of the natural environment, and ancestors and progenitors of human groups. The patterns of this religion are inherited from Taoism and the Chinese folk religion: the god of the universe is the Jade Emperor, in some local taditions (for example in the Quảng Hoà district of Cao Bằng) also identified as the Yellow Emperor (Hoàng Đế). For their religious ceremonies they used to be able to recite Chinese characters but now along with the characters they use glosses because many of them can’t recite anymore due to the fact that Vietnam schools don’t teach Chinese characters.

Muong Luong – an exotic destination in northwestern Vietnam via

An altar for the ancestors is usually placed in a central location in the house. The altar room is considered sacred; guests and women who have given birth are not allowed to sit on the bed in front of the altar. Some Tay have adopted Mahayana Buddhism under the influence of Vietnamese and Chinese culture.

The Tay people speak the Tày language, among other Tai dialects. Literacy in their own language is quite low among Tày people, probably around 5% or less. Dialects include Central Tày, Eastern Tày, Southern Tày, Northern Tày, Tày Trung Khanh, Thu Lao, and Tày Bao Lac. There is a continuum of dialects to southern Zhuang in China.

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