Diep Son Island in Phu Yen

No place has ever been past, just leaving you have brought a very nostalgic mood, want to come back and stay overnight for camping, to experience all the beauty of this place is the island Diep Son.
Here is the experience in the “paradise” extremely detailed of Tan Nhat. Partly because I came here for summer – the best time of year. Quick Reviews: Called “paradise” is not wrong.

* The experience in Diep Son is:

– See the white sand road between the two sides of the smooth blue water.
– You do not need to worry because the highest tide time is just to the navel, no need to be afraid of being washed away because the sea water is extremely quiet.
– The feeling of walking in the ocean, watching swimming fish you can definite by yourself!
– Take the same road through 3 islands.
– On the third island, when the tide is down, the road will be divided into two beaches. This double beach, hot water in one side and cold water on the other side. That is mysterious!

Diep Son Island, must-see sea paradise in this summer via vietnamworldheritages.org

* Begrudged Tour guide:

– Moving from Nha Trang: Arrive at Van Gia Port, about 60km from Nha Trang to Phu Yen Province.
– From myself: From Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province to Van Gia port, heading to Nha Trang, about 70km, through Ca Pass. This way has beautiful sea, through Vung Ro Bay, Dai Lanh beach.
– To the port of Van Gia call Mr Tu Nghia (0166 7982 151). Sometimes the person who answers the phone is Mr. Luan. They will arrange canoes to Diep Son Island. In my opion, you should call 1, 2 days earlier.
– Round trip ticket 200,000 VND / person. In the holidays, the canoes appear regularly, constantly.
– On weekdays, if you go during the day, do not camp overnight, it is recommended to leave 8h – 9am. There are 13h, 14h, and 16h trips for coming back.
– Canoe time is exactly 20 minutes.

* More important information on how to calculate the tide – Diep Son whether is beautiful or not depends on this issue too:

– From the 1st to the 15th lunar month: the tide downs in the afternoon.
– From 15th – end of the lunar month: the tide downs in the morning.

Diep Son Island, must-see sea paradise in this summer via vietnamworldheritages.org

* As planned, I will plan to return to Diep Son in the near future.

I will camp overnight. In the evening, I will get car from Saigon to Phu Yen, instruct the driver to Van Gia port down, then motorcycle taxi into the port only about 2km. Go there and wait for the canoe. The electricity on the island is supplied only from 18h – 21h.
– On the island, it also sells snacks and seafood. Drinks like oolong or green tea are very cheap, there are only 10,000VND.

* Total costs:

Bus Sai Gon – Van Gia: 400,000 VND / round trip / person.
Canoes to Diep Son Island: 200,000 VND / round trip / person.
Small tents: 100,000 VND / night / 2 people.
Costs incurred: you consider yourself!
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